Model 123n YG67 Surface Mount Socket Outlet 220V 32A 3p Industrial Female Plug Socket

Single-phase two-hole sockets in wiring installation, when the hole is firmly arranged to zero, horizontal layout is left zero or right fire.

The top hole of the single-phase three-hole socket is the grounding hole, which must be firmly connected with the grounding wire and cannot be disconnected from each other. The other two holes of the socket are the left and right zero points of fire, and it should be noted that the neutral wire and the grounding wire cannot be incorrectly connected or connected.

The distance between strong current and weak current socket should be kept at a safe distance of more than 30m, avoid strong current and weak current too close.

Product details

Class products use the shell color to indicate the rated voltage, such as blue on behalf of 220V, red on behalf of 380V, easy to distinguish. Current is divided into four kinds: 16A32A63A125A. Plugs and receptacles with different current ratings have different structural sizes, which can prevent misinsertion between products of different specifications.

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