2P/3P/4P/5P Superior New Design Industrial Connector

New generation industrial plug connection range, also called CEE form industrial connector, has straight plug, wall mount socket, panel mount socket, coupler, multi-outlet socket outlets for diverse application. They are one-body design, are widely used for various industrial and commercial applications including construction sites, port, machinery equipment, entertainment board and so on. As our company slogan ” devoted to quality, more than quality “, Our CEE Industrial plug and sockets help you finish your tasks quick and effective, just leaving safety and comfort, not simply transfer electricity and power. The IP protection reaches YG44 and YG67 ,two versions available, feel free to choose your specific demands according to requests for resistance to water, dust , splash, rain . Both YG44 and IP66 ranges are developed and manufacturered to quality standard of IEC60309 , reliable and safe in various environments.

Product details

In order to meet requirements of customers from different countries, regions and background , we have divided our CEE Industrial plug&sockets into 2 groups

Group 1: economical grade , it is the 1st generation design, offer basic solution of connection.
Group 2: high-end grade , it is the new generation design, better materials,high performance ,offer high-demanding solution.

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