YG67 16A 5p 400V Flush Mounted Socket

1. High safety factor

In addition to the rated voltage of the socket panel is distinguished with different colors, the specifications of the industrial socket are different, the position of the jack, the number of poles and the ground contact are different, only the plug can be inserted into the jack in line with the specifications; In addition, this kind of socket also adopts anti-shock protection treatment, with a higher level of protection.

2. Strong versatility

Domestic and foreign standards are consistent, with international universality, but also can adapt to all walks of life plug, such as electric power, construction, port terminals, machinery industry and modern large buildings.

3, durable

Socket panel is made of high-quality engineering plastic, which has higher strength, impact resistance and aging resistance. Whether it is used indoors or outdoors, it will not affect its service life. In addition, the socket can be plugged and unplugged for more than 5000 times, which is more durable than the average socket.

What are the characteristics of industrial socket Xiaobian nine tail we introduced here, to know that now whether it is ordinary family or construction site, electricity is a problem that can not be ignored, so the choice of socket is very important, to attract everyone’s attention.

Product details

Industrial plug socket waterproof grade is divided into 9 levels, air switch 7: compared with stainless steel distribution box, with the development of The Times in the future to use it. Industrial socket is a new generation of power plug-in devices, waterproof socket is a waterproof plug, anti-combustion, see where you use, dustproof Egypt waterproof immersion performance. Durable.

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