32A 3p Flame Socket Industrial Socket Electrical Socket European Standard Socket

Safe and reliable
a This kind of product uses the shell color to indicate the rated voltage, such as blue on behalf of 220V, red on behalf of 380V, at a glance, easy to distinguish, no mistake.
b Products of different specifications have different diameters, pole numbers, and ground contact positions. Only the same specifications can be inserted to prevent misinsertion.
c Has anti-shock protection. The grounding pole bushing in the socket is longer than the phase pole and the middle pole bushing, which ensures that the grounding pole is connected before the phase pole when the plug is plugged in, and the grounding pole is separated from the back when the plug is pulled out, and the use is very safe.
d High protection level. YG44 anti – splash type, IP67 anti – immersion type. Not only can the human body not touch the live parts, but also can be used in different environmental conditions to ensure safety.
e Insert sleeve is provided with elastic collar. Ensure that the plug is in close contact after insertion, good conduction and long service life.
f has a holding device, so that the plug socket after plugging each other to prevent falling off, greatly improve the reliability.
g has a cable holding device, can clamp the cable skin, so that the fixed wood will be pulled off, safe use.

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Strong versatility
Products using GB/T11918 ~ 11919-2001 standard, it is equivalent to IE.60309-1, 2 standards, fully in line with international standards. As a result, such products are used both domestically and internationally. At the same time, its specification variety
Meet a variety of occasions and purposes.
These characteristics of industrial plug and socket make it with high safety, reliability and international universality. Therefore, it has gradually received attention in China. Through more than ten years of continuous promotion and application, industrial plugs and sockets have entered all walks of life, such as electric power, construction, port terminals, machinery industry and modern large buildings. The manufacturers have also developed from a few in the very beginning to dozens now. At the same time, with the development of science and technology, industrial plugs and sockets are also constantly innovative, a variety of rapid installation technology has been applied in the plug and socket, make it more convenient.

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