YG67 63A/125A 5p New Watertight Industrial Power Plug (3P+N+E)

Industrial plug power supply is divided into 16A 32A 63A 125A four kinds, voltage is divided into 40V-45V for purple 110V-130v(yellow) 200V-250V(blue)240V-415V for red 500V for green

Product details

Industrial plug and socket suitable place
1. Injection Molding machine/extruder

2. Film and television lighting and sound equipment and engineering

3. Power generation equipment

4, mechanical equipment: food machinery, mobile welding machine, etc

5. Cabinet industry

6. Industrial Automation Equipment Company

7. Packaging machinery (heat shrink packaging machine)

8. Construction engineering: new factory (workshop renovation), subway, etc

9. Distribution equipment (distribution cabinet, distribution box, etc.)

10, air conditioning unit

11. Lighting lamps

12. Transportation equipment

13. Electronic instruments

14. Energy generation (solar, wind, nuclear)

15, parts processing

16. Mobile communication: Special vehicles

17. Refrigerating equipment: refrigerated containers (Port Authority), etc

18. Measuring instruments

19. Machine Tool industry

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