Plastic Electric Industrial Socket/Outlet Box with Breaker Remote Control Plastic Enclosure

Product Description

Protective cover installation size according to manufacturer data design,Dust-proof and water-resistant, durable.

1, Our products have undergone the tests under the extreme conditions such as the pesky cold and hot, dustproof, immersed
in water and so on, and they have got the certificates from relevant authorized organizations according to the international standard.
2, Certificates: CCC, CE, China Classification Society,ISO9001,CQC
3, German industrial standard DIN VDE6032,European/Inernational standard EN/IEC 60 309-2
4, Application: it is widely applied in the electrical Field, particularly in the steel, Chemical, electrical, absenteeism, ports, airports, oil exploration, foods, subway and other places.
5, Besides the waterproof and dustproof advantages, have impact-resistance, anti-aging,
Never rusting features. Also have dustproof, damp-proof, anticorrosion, flame-dustproof and anti-aging properties as well as advantages such as high temperature resistance, large flexibility, good impact resistance, high degree of finish, soft contact of large current and so on.
6, Easy to installation , plug and socket are easy to put in and out at any time and easy to turn on or off the power.
7, Many combined modes so that can reach the customer’s demands.
8, The unique design and exquisite appearance can be used in any harsh environment

Product details

Our Services
2. Our Service (Why buy from us?):
1.Best quality mechanical & electronics parts are use for long working life of the electrical appliances
2. Our products have the guarantee period of 13 calendar months
3.Simple in design and easy to operate and maintain
4.All products’ parts of electrical are made-up green safety grade materials
5.The fast and flexible production form aim at the customer require5.Strigent quality control to ensure 100%
customer satisfaction
6. The minimum quantity is 3 pcs , we provide you one to one service.
7,Supply OEM service and 24 Hours technical support service

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