2P16A-YG44 Flush Mounted Electrical Male Socket for Industry ZH603

Cables on industrial sockets also use the unique rubber sheathed cable, that is, the cable is covered with vulcanized rubber and vulcanized rubber cable loop. Metal wire. According to the *** standard, the general cable can only be used in the middle of negative 15 degrees to 50 degrees, and rubber sheathed cable can be used in the case of negative 50 degrees without hardening. There is no problem with the core being used at 65 degrees Celsius above zero. Industrial socket installation and wiring: 1) according to the load current, installation and use to choose a suitable website model specifications. 2) Unpack and take off the power plug and socket. 3) Open the back cover and remove the four shell fixing screws using a Phillips screwdriver to remove the shell. Remove the fixing screws from the lower clamp, take out the straightening splint, and unscrew the end cap. 4) Pass the cable that must be connected through the hole on the end cover. Strip off the cable insulation layer, vulcanized rubber length is appropriate, exposed cable copper wire up and down 10mm. 5) For the best straightening splint, fix the wire, cover the shell, tighten the four fixing screws of the shell, and tighten the end cover. Industrial plug classification Industrial plug power is divided into four kinds: 16A 32A 63A 12***, and voltage is divided into 40V-45V purple 110V-130V (yellow) 200V-250V (blue) 230V-415V red 500V black Applicable code: (0 stands for plug, 1 stands for open socket, 2 stands for coupler, 3 stands for dark socket, 4 stands for flange Angle seat, 5 stands for exposed appliance socket, 6 stands for dark appliance socket) Rated current code: (1 stands for 16A, 2 stands for 32A, 3 stands for 63A, 4 stands for 12***) Pole number: (3 stands for 3 poles, 4 stands for 4 poles, 5 stands for five poles)

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The shell of the industrial socket is made of PC raw materials, which has the characteristics of high temperature and heat resistance. It is enough for the general individual user. However, due to the uniqueness of the socket, it is used to provide switching power for high-power electrical appliances, so the flame retardant and fire safety requirements are higher. Therefore, household appliances in the socket control panel of high use rate, high flame retardant PC polycarbon aluminum alloy, with strong impact resistance, ductility, tough fall resistance, flame retardant and fire safety, can be used at -60℃. Degrees to 120 degrees. Intermediate application, long-term application without deformation, reasonably increase the service life of the socket.

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