YG44 16A/32A 5p Superior New Design Industrial Power Plug (3P+N+E)

The material is PC plastic, PC/ABS, stainless steel plate. Most of them are PC plastic and PC/ABS mixed plastics.

Take PC plastics and PC/ABS blends as examples:

1: The shell protection grade can be IP67, the flame retardant grade can be good.

2: The cover shell is thick, reasonable to ensure moisture, pollution and corrosion resistance.

3: According to the requirements of the hole, in the power socket and power switch selection is more random.

4: Compared with stainless steel plate quality, with light weight, long life, insulation layer, convenient installation.

5: The route is neat.

6: Electricity consumption is safer.

7: Because of the relatively light quality, can be selected according to the requirements of a large number of: wall hanging, portable, portable

Product details

IT can be used in steel smelters, petrochemical equipment, power engineering, electronic devices, construction, airports, mining, water supply and drainage treatment stations, plastic machinery and equipment, IT, military, railway lines, aerospace, diagnosis and treatment, food, automatic production machinery and equipment, packaging machinery and equipment, tunnel construction, diesel generators, distribution boxes, outdoor sports field power transmission and transformation machines Spare, outdoor led screen, stage lighting equipment and speakers and various companies such as seaports, ports, large shopping malls, hotels, and equipped with relative power plug or RF connector, convenient installation and application.

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