Power Inverter 400w 1000w 2000w Inverter Dc To Ac Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter With CE

Products Features:
1. CE-EMC/LVD,RoHs,E-mark certificated.

2. Earth Fault Protection: The unit shutdown when the load has electric leakage.

3. Easy to use and high efficiency.

4. USB output:5V,500mA/800mA(optional)

5. AC output identical to, and in some cases better than the power supplied by your utility.

6. Cooling fan in the inverter is thermally activated and comes on when the inverters becomes warm,and turns off automatically after the inverter has cooled.

7. This model of product provides you convenience with a remote control fuction.

8. Two LED indicators on the front panel shows the working and failure state.

9.A(USA),B(Australia),C(Universal),D(Europe+USA+Japan),E(UK),F(France),G(Germany),H(Brazil),I(Israel) socket optional.



Product details

YOGU Manufacture factory is producing 1kva, 3kva, 5kva, 7kva Commercial and Home Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter With MPPT
Low frequency toroidal transformer increase efficiency,Pure sine wave output;
Integrated LCD display; Dedicated DCP chip design; stable and high-speed operation;

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