Manufacture Inverter DC to AC 300W PCBA Board Sine Wave Inverter Circuit Board PCB PCBA

1. DC / AC converter, the use of battery pack to provide energy conversion to AC voltage output
2. With a sinusoidal waveform output, long-term work in the 0% -100% load state.
3. Its instantaneous power of more than 1 times, for inductive, capacitive load and other different load types.
4. Protection:Low voltage protection, battery low voltage protection, battery high voltage protection, Overheat protection , AC Overload protection, short-circuit protection.
5. Applications include computers, communications, yachts, SUV, home recreation equipment, motors, power tools, industrial control equipment, various types of audio and video appliances and other applications.

Product details

CE-EMC/LVD,RoHs,E-mark certificated.

Easy to use and high efficiency.


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