TeSys LR2K Thermal Overload Relay

Thermal relays, coordinated with TeSys K contactors, to protect from overloads motors up to 12 A (5.5 kW / 400 V)

Product details


TeSys LR2K is a reliable series of thermal overload relays designed to cover the range of motor ratings up to 16 A. The devices can be combined with TeSys K contactors in a 45 mm wide space to form an extremely compact starter.


  • Manual or automatic reset
  • Sealable flap
  • Prewiring kit available
  • Terminal block for separate mounting
  • Remote electrical reset
  • Connector options:
  • Spring terminal
  • Screw clamp
  • Class 10 A


TeSys LR2K thermal overload relays deliver outstanding performance, flexibility and reliability.

  •  Safe and effective protection
  •  Simple to install
  •  Integrated manual-automatic reset
  •  Can be combined with TeSys K contactors to form an extremely compact starter


TeSys LR2K relays are used across the industry, infrastructure, building, etc., to provide:

  • Standard motor protection
  • Line protection
  • Protection against motor overload, stalling, and loss of phase
  • Thermal relay is the perfect complement to the circuit breaker to achieve the best protection: magnetic + thermal protection of a motor-starter

Additional information



Rated Current (A)

UP to 12A

Rated Voltage (V)





12-24 months

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