TeSys GV2 GV3 Motor Protector Circuit breaker

TeSys GV2 motor circuit breaker provides manual isolation, manual motor control, and short circuit and thermal protection in 45 mm standard width.

Product details


TeSys GV2 motor circuit breakers provide short circuit protection, overload protection, motor (ON/OFF) control. All functions can work for motors up to 15 KW (GV2RT up to 11 kW) in a 45 mm frame.


  • Thermal-magnetic protection
  • Operation with push button
  • Standard breaking capacity


  • Thermal-magnetic protection
  • Operation with rotary handle (extended rotary handle as an option)
  • High breaking capacity
  • Fault differentiation (short circuit or thermal trip)


  • Magnetic protection only
  • Operation with rotary handle (extended rotary handle as an option)
  • High breaking capacity


  • Magnetic protection only
  • Operation with toggle
  • Standard breaking capacity


  • Built with a high magnetic tripping level, it is highly suitable for high inrush current motors or three-phase transformers.
  • Operation with toggle


  • Maximum 15 current ratings to cover from 0.1 A to 32 A motor current with an IP20 level for finger safety.
  • The electrical durability (AC-3/415 V) can reach 100,000 operations as a direct control switch
  • Screw clamp for the connection, GV2 ME has two more choices: lug and spring terminals.
  • Padlockable in all versions.
  • DIN rail mounting or screw fixing
  • Multiple choices for “add-on blocks” and accessories such as contact blocks, electric trips blocks, and limiter blocks.


Complete protection concentrated in a single product

  • Compact (45 mm) and easy to integrate with other control devices
  • Durability for the operation as a switch
  • Easy to select for different ratings with limited references


TeSys GV2 can be used for all types of applications across industries, infrastructure, and buildings. Compliant to Motor control and protection, in accordance with standards IEC 60947-2, IEC 60947-4-1, and UL 60947-4-1 (transition from UL 508).

GV2RT can be used to protect motors with a high current peak on starting or transformer protection.

Additional information



Rated Voltage (V)


Rated Current (A)

GV2ME up to 32A, GV3ME up to 80A




12-24 months

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