SYGA1-6000 Online Intelligent Motor Soft Starter/ Cabinet

SYGA1-6000 Soft starter/cabinet adopts a new generation of soft start technology, and adaptive control realizes the control of the motor acceleration curve and deceleration curve to an unprecedented level.

The soft starter reads the data of the motor in the process of starting and stopping, and then adjusts to achieve the best effect. Just select automatically ensure that the load is accelerated in the most stable way possible.

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Product details


SYGA1-6000 is highly intelligent, very reliable and easy-to-use softstarter/cabinet. The newly designed functions of SYGA1-6000 are used for quick setting or more personalized control. It is a perfect solution. Its performance includes:

Large LCD screen that can display feedback information in Chinese and English languages, other languages can be customized

Remotely installable operation panel

Intuitive programming

Advanced start and stop Control functions

A series of motor protection functions

Extensive performance monitoring and event logging


Easy to use

Whether in the process of installation, debugging and use, or troubleshooting, SYGA1-6000 is very easy to use.

Quick setting can make the machine run quickly, the information screen can display various operating data, and the trip message can be displayed in language to explain exactly where problem is.

The control cable can be routed from the top, bottom or left. Very flexible and unique cable access and fixing devices make the installation faster and more tidy and beautiful. You will experience the use soon.



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