Hr17 Fuse Isolating Switch

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HR17B series fuse switch disconnectors with load operation is applied to rated current 40A-1600A, can be mounted on the bus, and can also be mounted to the mounting plate. Having the upper and lower end of the input and output structure, with blade introduced and arc extinguish device. switch with occasional closed test holes in cover, built-in signal switching, detection switch, optional fuse monitors, and also do the knife switch use.
Beautiful shape, novel and simple switch, in line with IEC60947-3,GB14048.3 standard.

Product details

Normal operational conditions and installation conditions
1 Temperater: no higher than +40ºC,and no lower than -5ºC,and the day average temperature no higher than +35ºC.
2 Altitude: no higher than 2000m
3 The relative humidity: no more than 50%,when temperature is +40ºC.The product can withstand higher humidity under lower temperature,for instance,when it at +20ºC,the production can withstand 90% relative humidity.
The condensation that happened because of temperature changes should be taken care.
And Installation location should have no exploresion danger, and no gas and conductive dust which can cause corrosion and insulation damage.
4 Class of pollution: 3 Calss
5 Installation type:III, IV.

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