GGL Load-Isolation Switch

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Utilizes two methods to detect electrical faults: electromagnet’s and bimetal switch
The current capacity that this circuit breaker is able to interrupt before breaking is 18kA
Product characteristics conformity is certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
Utilizes 4.5 inches of the I-Line mounting space
Environmental performance of the product

Product details

1.Spring-storage instantaneous release of the mechanism to speed up the realization of the rapid marking and breaking (13.8 m / s), and it is nothing to do with the operation handle speed, and have greatly improved the capability of extinguish electric arc.
2. The glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin casing have excellent flame resistance,dielectric,resist carbonic and resist impact performances.
3.Parallel double gap contact possesses self-cleaning functions.
4.All the contact materials are copper alloy plated with silver,and possess two separation contact surfaces.
5.Large clearance of insulation.
6.When it is “0” position,the product can lock the handle with three locks at the same time,and it can avoid error operation.

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