Complete push button, Harmony XAP, Pushbutton XB2B, diameter Ø22 mm, 600 VAC, 10 A

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XB2 22mm push buttons are for industrial applications. XB2 operators have chromium plated metal bezels that connect to a fully metal mounting collar. This is an illuminated mushroom push button with a red 40mm mushroom button. This maintained mushrrom button operator has one normally closed and one normally open contact. Contacts have an IEC thermal current rating of 10A and a maximum of 600V rating. The mushroom button is UL Listed and CSA certified. “The pushbutton is fitted with chromium plated bezel.” “It is installed into a Ø 22mm panel cutout.

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This pushbutton, designed to last without maintenance for a bright indicator of process and machine operations, is easily installed into a standard 22mm diameter cut-outs and connected with simple screw-clamp connections It is clearly distinguishable visually at a distance thanks to a bright and long lasting BA9s base illumination and clear color It is impact resistant, dust resistant, water resistant and vibration resistant, making it ideal for operation in harsh environments High performance International standards & certifications (Marine ABS certification, IP66, Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 and 13)

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