40A rail adjustable digital over current protection protector

The current of 1A-40A can be limited Automatic Reset Under-Over Voltage Protector the current can be custom-

ized according to the current of the dormitory and other electric places.

If the dormitory uses in 5A, the current limiting controller in 5A can be cus-

tomized, and the power will be cut off automatically after 5A. When the current is restored within 5A, it can resume automatically.

Product details

Better Displays: The digital display enables a clear view in the voltage measurement, making the working safe and reliable. Smart Adjusting: Adjustable over and under voltage protection and recovery values, and the action time is also adjustable. Delay Resetting: Supports auto delay reset, both the failure recovery delay time and power on delay time are adjustable. Other Functions: This voltage protector is equipped with reset mode selection, fault inquiry and factory reset functions. Easy to Install: Comes with a light weight and a compact size, the simple installation can be quickly finished in minutes.

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